ENR AWARD – Ivar’s Pier 54

Ivar’s Pier 54 Piling and Apron Replacement

ENR AWARD – Small Project under 10 million Award of Merit

Seattle, WA: Originally built in the 1980s for industrial use, the historic Ivar’s Pier 54 was deteriorating and in need of seismic improvements following the 2001 Nisqually earthquake and a decade of deferred maintenance. The $7.6-million renovation of the dock involved extensive repairs and concrete work. Workers removed and replaced derelict timber pilings while working within time constraints imposed by the critical summer tourist season and a “grand reopening” of the Seattle waterfront.

Approximately 450 timber pilings were removed and 46 steel 24-in.-dia pilings, seven 18-in.-dia pilings, 18 12-in. driven pilings and 68 12-in. stubbed pilings were added. Pile sizes were designed to balance the number of piles required within environmental limitations. The piles, precast pile caps, precast slabs and topping slab were designed to minimize cast-in-place concrete due to the logistics of pouring/pumping concrete with seawall excavation. Shear transfer was accomplished via drag struts to tie the building into the new pilings.

To maintain the schedule, crews streamlined construction plans. It took 26 barge loads to handle construction materials. Approximately 900 tons of timber and concrete debris were removed from the site. At the peak of construction, there were 28 employees working 10 hours a day, six days a week.

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