POA Phase 2 - D.B. Pacific Lifter

Port of Alaska / DB Pacific Lifter En Route


The DB Pacific Lifter is shown leaving Seattle’s Elliot Bay this week, loaded with some of the piles that will be utilized in the coming months on the second phase of the Port of Alaska project in Anchorage. The size and weight of the piles necessitated the use of the Pacific Lifter for loading on its decks as well as onto a second materials barge that will be towed in tandem to site over the next week.

The Pacific Lifter will also be utilized for installation of these piles. Additionally, a specially designed spreader bar was developed and fabricated to move and handle the piles. PPM is in a unique position to install these piles full-length (No splicing required during installation!) due to our equipment and expertise. The piles have been coated with an epoxy coating system to prevent corrosion following installation. 

Additional Port of Alaska Monopile Details:

-Breasting Dolphins – (Three Each)  

-Diameter: 144″ diameter (12’)

-Length: 217′ 6″ 

-Weight: 622,342 lb each (311 tons)

-1.5″ thick and 2.25″ thick pipe wall. 

Mooring Dolphins – (Six Each)

-Diameter: 144″ diameter (12’)

-Length: 202′ 6″

-Weight: 509,532 lb each (255 tons)

-1.5″ thick and 1.875″ thick pipe wall. 

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