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PPM offers extensive expertise in temporary and permanent shoring and cofferdam design and construction for both upland and marine applications. We have completed sheet pile projects throughout the PNW and AK with a variable type of geological conditions, typically with high water table or fluctuating river and tidal environment.  This experience enables us to develop the most appropriate system coupled with installation means and methods for your project.
  • Sheet pile installations; typical 60-ft depth
  • King pile / Combi Pile walls; 90-ft length
  • Multilevel internally-braced cofferdams / shoring; 40-ft depth
  • Tremie concrete seal slabs; including drilled rock anchors
  • Cellular cofferdams with flat sheets; 90-ft length
  • Open Cell® cofferdams with flat sheets; 80-ft length
  • Tieback supported systems
From cantilever earth support systems designed for a utility installation in an urban environment to an internally braced multilevel open water cofferdam, no project is too traditional or complex for our cofferdam and shoring team.

What Sets us Apart

Design-Build is what separates us from our competitors.  Our design engineering team offers over 20 years design-build sheet pile cofferdam and shoring experience giving us great geotechnical expertise in the regional areas we operate. Our in-house capabilities allows us to respond quickly to both simple and complex projects. Maintaining a large inventory of sheet piling allows us to quickly construct it. Through close collaboration with our network of design partners, we can provide solutions to the most complex cofferdam and shoring projects.

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