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Driven Pile

PPM is capable of driving large and small diameter concrete, wood, steel, spin-fin, open, conical tip, and fiber-reinforced plastic pile for upland foundations and marine structures. Our team has installed foundation pile around active power lines, winter time installations using ice-roads crossing wetlands, remote locations, environmentally sensitive areas, military installations, active traffic zones, and commercial locations. Our crews have installed plumb and batter foundation pile ranging from 8- up to 108-in diameter pile and single lengths up to 260-ft using a variety of impact and vibratory hammers. Our driven pile experience includes large diameter, high-capacity Oil & Gas installations in addition to the largest diameter driven pile for the Washington Dept. of Transportation. PPM is also experienced in jetting concrete and steel piles.
  • Installed w/ marine mammal
  • Static and dynamic load testing (PDA)
  • Limited to no laydown / congested areas / metropolitan
  • Bubble curtains / noise attenuation systems

What Sets us Apart

Our team is experience in large diameter, high capacity pile installation, operates a pile fabrication yard, and uses proprietary templating designs and noise attenuation systems. Our in-house design team also has extensive regional geotechnical expertise.
Key Equipment
  • Vibratory and Impact Hammers ranging from 20k foot lbs to 400k ft lbs, fixed and vertical traveling lead systems

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