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Drilled Sockets

PPM has established itself as an industry leader in drilled socket installation having installed the longest rock socket in a marine environment and achieving the desired geotechnical requirements. Our team has the ability to install single length socketed pile up to 250-ft depths through a variety of adverse rock conditions from fractured bedrock to hard rock drilling. PPM uses a unique method to advance the casing as the pile is drilled to depth to provide a continuously cased hole. This installation method eliminates excess sloughing while mitigating subsurface challenges ultimately reducing geotechnical risk. Our workforce is experienced at managing cobbles and boulders at tip as well as deep overburden.

What Sets us Apart

We are one of the few US Contractors that can self-perform a turn-key socketed pile foundation system. Fewer still, we have the ability to install single, long length socketed pile. PPM owns and operates various overburden drilling systems and is well-versed in reverse circulation methods as well as traditional sockets and high-capacity internal anchor pins. Our experience includes vertical foundation pile and guide piles for float systems. We have performed drilling operations in areas with limited access or in remote locations giving us regional geotechnical experience.
Key Equipment
  • Down-the-hole hammers, under-reaming bits for piles 6- to 42-in dia., high-capacity air compressors, high-pressure water pumps, reverse circulation drill string, 75k ft hollow-stem hydraulic top drive and other top drive drill units

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