Expanding Heavy Lift – Again

Cook Inlet, AK – In 2013, Pacific Pile & Marine expanded its heavy lift division in Cook Inlet, adding a 650-ton lifting capacity crane barge equipped with a 4600 Series 4 Crane to its fleet. In 2014, PPM began work to expand its heavy lift division even further. PPM was contracted to assist with the installation of a monopod […]

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DB Salvation

Seattle, WA – Pacific Pile & Marine expanded its heavy lift division in Cook Inlet, increasing its role in the oil & gas sector in Alaska when it added the D.B. Salvation, a 300 x 90 x 20 foot flat deck service barge equipped with a 4600 Series 4 Crane with 650-ton lifting capacity, to […]

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Christy Lee Salvage

Cook Inlet, AK – In Mar 2012, an oil platform owned and operated by Hilcorp suffered mechanical failure causing the north fender to plunge into 80 feet of blackwater in the Cook Inlet. PPM was brought in to assist dive partners Global Diving & Salvage to recover from the sea floor and transport to Nikiski […]

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Alaska’s Biggest Barge Crane

Cook Inlet, AK – Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM) utilized one of its heavy-lift derrick barges, the largest marine crane barge operating in Alaska, to lift a 180-ft steel fender from the Christy Lee oil platform when a mechanical failure caused the part to detach. The Christy Lee platform is unique in that it’s an oil […]

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Inlet Salvation

Cook Inlet, AK – Pacific Pile & Marine commissioned a high capacity marine crane to assist in the salvage and recovery of the Christ Lee oil-loading platform. A mechanical failure caused a 180-foot steel fender to detach from the platform on the west side of Cook Inlet near Kalgin Island. The crane barge, Derrick Barge […]

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