Alaska’s Biggest Barge Crane

Cook Inlet, AK – Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM) utilized one of its heavy-lift derrick barges, the largest marine crane barge operating in Alaska, to lift a 180-ft steel fender from the Christy Lee oil platform when a mechanical failure caused the part to detach. The Christy Lee platform is unique in that it’s an oil loading facility rather than exploration or production.

The offshore installation is primarily used by Tesoro Maritime Co. which ports every 10 to 14 days, so a rapid solution needed to be developed. A temporary floating fender system was quickly installed to allow the necessary repairs be made to the damaged fender. PPM’s DB Salvation was used to recover and handle the fender. The DB Salvation, a 650-ton capacity barge crane, also carries a 110-ton capacity support crane and four-way mooring system to assist in lift operations. Click here to read full article.

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