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  • Post Point WWTF

    Work Performed

    Installed 321 18-in dia. or 24-in dia. augercast pile. Called for tension and compression load tests. Also installed 165 ea. […]

    • Location: Bellingham, WA
    • Contract: $2,418,000
    • Dates: Aug-2012 - Oct-2013
    • Client: Strider Construction Co., Inc.
    • Contact: James Gebhardt

    Full Description

    Post Point Waste Water Treatment Facility

    Bellingham, WA

  • KP3 Pile Driving

    Work Performed

    Complete dock structure with crane rail supported on 88 driven and socketed piles. The replacement project is directly adjacent to […]

    • Location: Kodiak, AK
    • Contract: $29,663,000
    • Dates: Apr-2014 - Feb-2016
    • Contact: Lon White

    Full Description

    Kodiak Pier 3 Replacement

    Kodiak, AK

  • Deer Lodge

    Work Performed

    The MR8-66 Sheet Piling project for the Milwaukee Roadhouse, also known as Deer Lodge, Environmental Restoration, LLC (ER) was the […]

    • Location: Deer Lodge, MT
    • Contract: $185,695
    • Dates: Dec-2011 - Apr-2012
    • Client: Environmental Restoration, LLC
    • Contact: Mike Sulka

    Full Description

    MR8-66 Sheet Piling

    Deer Lodge, MT

  • Former Kenai Facility

    Work Performed

    Furnish and place stone for shoreline rehabilitation. Included removal of existing sheet pile wall and backfill operations, providing and maintaining […]

    • Location: Kenai, AK
    • Dates: Apr-2012 - Sep-2012
    • Client: Chevron Environmental Management Company
    • Contact: Eugene Pak

    Full Description

    Former Chevron Kenai Facility

    Kenai, AK

  • Sumner WWTF

    Work Performed

    Furnish and install complete and functional vinyl sheet pile retaining wall and vinyl sheet pile wall cap. Included 10,320 sqft vinyl […]

    • Location: Sumner, WA
    • Contract: $250,000
    • Dates: Oct-2011 - Mar-2012
    • Client: Peas & Sons, Inc.
    • Contact: Bryan Hilleman

    Full Description

    Sumner WWTF Perimeter Wall

    Sumner, WA

  • Chief Joseph Fish Hatchery

    Work Performed

    Design-build, pile supported work trestle and braced cofferdam in the Columbia River just downstream of the Chief Joseph Dam. Work […]

    • Location: Bridgeport, WA
    • Contract: $1,300,000
    • Dates: Oct-2011 - Jun-2012
    • Client: PCL Construction Services, Inc.
    • Contact: Tyler Kautz

    Full Description

    Chief Joseph Fish Hatchery

    Bridgeport, WA

  • Larimar Lowell Rd

    Work Performed

    Installed AZ-18 sheet piles using 25-B Crane with an ICE Model 28C vibratory hammer. Sheet pile wall alignment maintained by […]

    • Location: Everett, WA
    • Dates: Aug-2009 - Aug-2009
    • Client: Northwest Cascade Inc
    • Contact: Evan Newman

    Full Description

    Wolf Creek Sheet Pile

    Everett, WA

  • Barker Creek

    Work Performed

    Furnish, install, and remove sheet pile shoring.

    • Location: Silverdale, WA
    • Contract: $350,000
    • Dates: Aug-2008 - Oct-2008
    • Client: McDonald & Company, Inc
    • Contact: Steve McDonald

    Full Description

    Barker Creek Culvert Replacement

    Silverdale, WA

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